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Not All Success Stories Are Weight Loss Stories


“Put your headphones in, act like you know what you’re doing, and no one will question it.” That’s what Shelley (I just call her Mom) told me when I wanted to start using the weight room. I had been working out with her for a few years (mostly cardio and light weights), but I was ready for a new challenge. So she put me on a 14 week weight training program back in December of 2015, and since then I have gained about 10 pounds of muscle and noticed a huge shift in my strength and confidence in the weight room. She taught me to lift heavy things till my muscles got tired, and then do a few more reps just to show them who’s boss.

It’s easy for ladies to fall into the temptation of body comparison, especially at my age, and that is something my mom has always fought against. She teaches that fitness comes in many different forms, and you just have to find your version of healthy and confident. So shoutout to the woman that has always pushed me to new limits and encouraged physical and spiritual strength.

– Sidney

Taking Control

donnella-weddingAt 264 pounds there was no longer denying I was just a little overweight or big boned, I was fat and I was the only person who could do anything about it. I wore a size 24, I had no energy, I knew I was embarrassing to my children and honestly I was ashamed of myself for allowing myself to be in the physical shape that I was in. I decided I was going to take control of my life and joined a popular weight loss program and lost 70 pounds. I felt better but I knew if I wanted to make a substantial impact that would have life long influences that incorporated nutrition and a solid fitness program I would need help, that is when I found Shelley. She introduced me a nutrition program taking into consideration foods that I liked and gave ideas for clean and healthy eating. The exercise program that Shelley introduced me to included cardio, weight lifting, tabatas, and interval training. With her encouragement I have completed many 5 k races and even a half marathon! But more than that I am strong, I have self-confidence and I feel good! I can walk confidently into any gym and work with the equipment thanks to her and her training. I would recommend Shelley to anyone, she has an encouraging way about her that coaches and encourages you to become the best you can be! I am now 155 and a size 8. I cannot thank her enough for the friend she has become to me!

~ Donnella


50+ Pounds!!!


December 15, 2014

Today I had my final workout with my awesome trainer of 3 years, Shelley. She’s been an amazing mentor in so many ways! I was able to lose 50+ lbs with her guidance and kept 50 lbs off to date. I will miss her terribly. Here’s May 2011 when I started with Shelley and now.


It’s Not What I Lost but What I Gained!


My highest weight in December 2013 found me at 210-lbs (compared to me now at 170-lbs).  Yes, I lost 40 pounds (and counting), but that’s only a portion of my testimony.  I also lost the attitude of discouragement, self pity, low self-esteem, and defeat.  But what is even more amazing than what I lost is what I gained … confidence, love, peace, self worth, joy, and my renewed connection and refreshed relationship with Christ.

Being disaSheila Strongbled no longer means I am dead and defeated.  I feel I have another chance to live life at a whole new level. Thank you for allowing me to tell my story of triumph, strengths, faith, and trust in God, for healing me from a brain tumor, rebuking breast cancer, strength to exercise with chronic injuries inside and out that were sustained from being a US Navy Sailor.


Thank you Shelley and the whole FollowMeFit Camp family, along with the FLC staff for being so loving, welcoming, and God sent when I needed to survive through my pain, struggles, loneliness, and hard times. I am grateful to God for allowing me to join this camp and meet everyone that I have met at the FLC.

— Sheila


Never Too Old


My journey began in March 2013 when I joined the Hilldale Family Life Center to be able to walk inside during the cold winter weather. I saw an ad for personal trainers and I chose Shelley which was the best decision for me. My goal was to become stronger and more flexible while toning at the same time. Life is very hectic for all of us, but the benefits of exercise are so important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I am proof that at 66 years of age you are never too old to get in shape. I feel much better now than I did when I was younger, and I owe it all to Shelley. She keeps me motivated week after week, and I love the variety of my workouts. Even when it gets difficult to get through a routine, self talk helps to get me through as well as Shelley’s encouragement. I feel very fortunate to have Shelley as my trainer.


A Contest and a 6 Week Commitment


It all started January 7, 2013 when  a bunch of us ladies at Surgery Center of Clarksville decided to do a biggest loser contest at the center.  Those that wanted to participate anted up and the race was on – winner take all.  Our goal was to go for 8 weeks to see who could lose the most percentage of body weight.  With a 5 foot 3 inch frame, and 64 years young, the weight I started with was a little (no, a lot) too much.  After seeing what a cousin of mine had done with a personal trainer, I decided that was the way I needed to go.  I made an appointment with Shelley and we talked through our plan and the rest, as they say, is “history”.  I signed up for a 6 week package of 6 training sessions and had so much fun that I am now on my second year of training.  I have gone from a full size 12 to a slim size 6 losing 30+ lbs and still going.  I could never have done this without the motivation from Shelley, my husband and my family.

By the way, I did win the competition, but I’m not stopping there!!

– Faye

From a Size 16 to a Healthy & Strong Size 6


It was a fateful day in August 2011 when a routine physical examination found me healthy except for my unhealthy weight and a body mass index of over 31.  Both of which indicated a drastic change was needed.

My search for a trainer led me to Shelley and she has been an answer to prayer.  What began as a six week trip turned into a sixteen month (and counting) journey that has completely transformed my life.  Her personalized technique and training regimen gave me the results that helped me realize total healing in body, soul and spirit.  To date I have lost 32″ and 34.6-lbs and my current BMI is in the healthy range.

Thank you, Shelley, for believing in me and showing me how to live a healthy lifestyle!

– Cynthia

Sugar Challenge Helped Me Lose 10-lbs

poison sugar

I say this with all seriousness. When I weighed in September 1, 2012 for the Sugarless September Challenge I was 10-lbs heavier than I am today.  I can tell in my clothes, my face, my abs, my legs and just looking in the ‘mirror’ over all.  By cutting some of this SUGAR out and cutting WAY back on other things helped me to get this done and I would not have been able to get motivated to do this without the Sugarless September Challenge.

It’s nothing “big”.  I may fall off the wagon tomorrow.  But as of now, 5 months later, I am still 9-lbs down and have no desire to add the things back in my diet that I have cut out or cut back on.

Thanks Shelley for the Sugarless September Challenge.  This got me back on the right path.


20+ Pound Weight Loss, Prenatal & Postnatal Training


I started seeing Shelley almost 17 months ago to get fit again.  She saw me through a 20+ pound weight loss, a pregnancy and now post-baby weight loss.  Shelley’s style of training has kept me motivated and has transformed my views on fitness.  She has a positive approach to training that helps you strive to be greater and stronger than you already are.  Each session is tailored to fit you and where you are at in life, and no two sessions are the same, which keeps things exciting.  Part of what I love about Shelley is that she is a real person and helps you realize that life happens, but teaches you how to move past that and start over.  Shelley is not only an inspiration to me, but has become a great friend, mentor and motivator in my life. ”

– MaryLynn

Post Injury Training


“When it was time to rehabilitate from a broken foot and ankle, I went to Shelley for personal training sessions.  Shelley provided a variety of exercises and workouts specifically designed by her to increase my range of motion and weight bearing on the foot.   As well, she began working with strength training so I would have better balance and core strength, which helps in preventing future injuries!  Shelley is so motivating and encouraging.  Not only did I have a great recovery from my injury, but Shelley also provided training in the weight room.   At first I was so intimidated by the machines and weights, but I now feel comfortable with the equipment, and am able to continue strength training.”

– Phyllis