News Update on the 40 Day Challenge

Sorry to interrupt your week again! This will be the last blog post about the challenge I promise 😁. This news is for those of you who want to do the Faith & Fitness Challenge but you’re not on Facebook so you didn’t think you could. Just get that idea right out of your head! … Continue reading News Update on the 40 Day Challenge

40 Day Faith & Fitness Challenge

Anybody up for a 40 Day Faith & Fitness Challenge?? Here are the deets… A 40 day Bible study through the First5 phone app (The Answers to Your Deepest Longings by Lisa TerKeurst and the Proverbs 31 Ministries Team) 40 day fast of something (or things) that will improve your level of fitness or … Continue reading 40 Day Faith & Fitness Challenge

August 2020: Life Changes

Life Changes I can't believe August is already here!! What happened to getting fit for summer, losing a few pounds before the heat set in, cookouts with extended family & friends, or even a normal vacation? I seemed to have missed a few normal summer things this year. We rang in 2020 in January with … Continue reading August 2020: Life Changes

July – Wedding Bells & Dumbbells

Wedding Bells My only daughter, Sidney, is getting married this month!!! We are beyond excited and so very happy for her!! In preparation for this event (which is totally happening in the middle of a global pandemic), I have carefully scheduled a mental breakdown during the first two weeks of July. I will try my … Continue reading July – Wedding Bells & Dumbbells

Second Chance Sugar Challenge

So a group of us just finished our Valentine's No Sugar Challenge that ended yesterday.  I'm not gonna lie.  It wasn't easy cheesy and it wasn't Great Great Chocolate Cake .. literally  - no cake of any kind was involved!  Some challengers made it through without one slip, others started over a couple of times, … Continue reading Second Chance Sugar Challenge

2018 Push Up Challenge

Enter this FollowMeFit challenge for a chance to win a $50 Amazon gift card.  You have 100 days to complete 2018 push ups.  Are you up for the challenge??? Details: Complete 2018 push ups during 2018 Start date: January 3, 2018 Finish date: April 13, 2018 to be eligible for the drawing Preferred push up … Continue reading 2018 Push Up Challenge

Bible Study Class on Faith & Fitness

A Journey in Faith and Fitness is a 10-week, ladies-only Bible study class designed to help us prioritize putting God first even in our pursuit of fitness.  Starts March 1, 2017 at 6pm at the Family Life Center. We will explore topics such as our bodies being a temple as well as God’s handiwork, self-image, over-indulgence, … Continue reading Bible Study Class on Faith & Fitness

Olympic Challenge Winners

Thanks to all who participated in our Olympic Challenge!!! It was a huge success with over 180 medals earned during the competition (not counting those who missed the deadline).  If it inspired you to do some activities out of your comfort zone this summer then my goal was accomplished.  And the winners are...  Gold Medal … Continue reading Olympic Challenge Winners

Olympic Challenge Closing Tonight

Today is the last day to get your challenge work done to earn your medals!!!  So if you've been putting off those last 2 miles, you better get off the couch and lace up your shoes.  It's a beautiful afternoon for a run!!!  After mid-night tonight, events won't count toward the challenge. (aka: you can't … Continue reading Olympic Challenge Closing Tonight

Not All Success Stories Are Weight Loss Stories

“Put your headphones in, act like you know what you’re doing, and no one will question it.” That’s what Shelley (I just call her Mom) told me when I wanted to start using the weight room. I had been working out with her for a few years (mostly cardio and light weights), but I was … Continue reading Not All Success Stories Are Weight Loss Stories

Olympic Challenge 2016

Here is the challenge you have been waiting for that will help you find your inner athlete and Olympic spirit!! All you have to do is to complete as many events as you can to earn gold medals.  The person with the most gold medals wins.  It's really that simple 🙂 Grand Prize:  a free one on … Continue reading Olympic Challenge 2016

Commit to Fit – 2015 Challenge

It's Challenge Time Again!! Are you ready for another FollowMeFit Challenge??  It's been a long time since our last one!!  To make it up to you (and to make it a little more interesting) I will be offering a prize to our top challenger at the end of four weeks.  So if you need a little … Continue reading Commit to Fit – 2015 Challenge