How Do Fit Pros Lose Weight?

With so many weight loss diets floating around out there it can become overwhelmingly confusing to know which one is the best for you. I decided to cut through all the fancy named diets and fads and just ask some colleagues what they do. I simply posted the following question to a forum made up exclusively of certified personal trainers.

Trainers, when you personally want to lose a few pounds, what type of diet do you do?

I had over 125 responses and was pleasantly surprised that the overwhelming majority agreed right down the line with my personal thoughts on the subject – you gotta love it when that happens! But rather than give you my personal recommendations, let me just report my findings (along with a few of my explanations for clarity).

Top 5 Responses Across the Board

  1. Create a Calorie Deficit – consume less calories than you burn
  2. Eat Balanced Macros – of the calories you consume, make sure they are coming from the correct place — general recommendations: 40-60% from Carbs (this includes vegetables, fruits, & grains), 25-30% from Protein, & 20-30% from healthy fats
  3. Eat Food – as in real / whole food, not processed (this is key in staying full and satisfied on a calorie deficit)
  4. Track Food Intake – journal and log what you eat (this helps with awareness and education of what is working for your body so it can be tweaked if needed – it’s also necessary if counting calories or macros)
  5. All the above (many trainers literally mentioned all of these things)

Honorable Mentions of Helpful Trainer Recommendations

  • Drink enough water
  • Eat correct portion sizes (weigh & measure)
  • Prioritize protein, veggies, & fiber (25-30g of fiber is recommended daily)
  • Cut sugar, & snack foods
  • Plan your meals (don’t be caught having to eat junk)
  • Get enough sleep
  • Reduce stress
  • Stop eating before you’re completely full
  • No alcohol
  • Move more (that means exercise – in whatever form that “sparks your joy” – that’s a direct quote from one of the trainers)

There you have it!! Wandering minds wanted to know. Now you can diet like a pro!

November Boot Camp Information….

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